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5 fun Things to Do in Split City

5 Things to Do in Split City



The split is a large city located in Central Dalmatia. It is the oldest and largest city in Dalmatia. The division has the ideal climate and is home to many successful athletes. Division is a very famous tourist destination, and it hosts thousands of visitors every year. Create the most popular is the Hajduk Split football club. It has more than 200,000 inhabitants, and the expense of Croats 96% of the total population. A large number of the population is Roman Catholics.

Best time to visit Split

It is important to understand the climate split into choosing the perfect time to visit. Winter in the spit and moderate temperatures are above 0 ° C. Winter is the wet seasons, but snow is not uncommon. So he has seen a lot of snow appeared in 2012, which caused a major snarl traffic above. The division has 2600 hours of sunshine annually. Summers are hot and dry with mild July being the hottest and driest month of the year where temperatures can reach 30 degrees Celsius. January, on the other hand, is the coldest month of the year and the average temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. Average annual rainfall is 820mm with it being November rains month.

You can get a split with the plane via Split Airport is located 25 km from the city center. And the transfer of the airport in Split brings you from the station to the city in less than 15 minutes. It includes other means to get to and around Split trains, buses, boats, cruise ships, rental cars and bicycles.

1. Visit the Diocletian’s Palace and Mausoleum

Palace is the historic center of the city of Split, which was built on the ruins of this Roman palace. Make sure you go to the basement of the castle to see the remains excavated. Four great gates which include: Golden Gate, Jet silver, iron door and the door of the Bronze.

2. Hike in the Marjan hills

Marjan's location is to the west of Split. It is an ideal place for taking long walks, evening and early morning jogs and riding bikes. Relieve your stress by climbing the 174 meters high hill and get a panoramic view of the city. Alpine climbers prefer the south cliffs.

3. Eat, Shop and Drink

And it called the most famous Soparnik local food. A bread dough, such as crepe presence of Swiss chards, onions. Risotto is another popular food served with any dish calamari black or white shrimp. Some food joints you should visit include Stena, KOD Joze, Nustromu for seafood, Picaferaj, and Banks. You can shop for clothes, fruits, and vegetables in a nearby green market or Konzum, the largest supermarket chain in Croatia. You can also try many soft drinks such as Pepe and Croatian Orela, wine and beer.

4. Go sailing and explore the nearby islands

Get on board either a boat or a yacht sailing, visit the famous islands and breathtaking, like Barak, Hvar, Korcula and Vis (just to name a few). Did you know that Croatia has over 1000 islands? Yes, the best of them can be found near Split, making it an ideal destination for holidays sailing. There are many local charters in Croatia where you can get on the ship and start exploring the islands. You can also swim, dive and sunbathe on the beach.

5. Attend Events and Festivals

You can attend a football match in the big Poljud Stadium with a 36,000 sitting capacity. Other activities include:

• The Split Carnival held in the middle of February lasts for two days.

• Days of Christian Culture is an April 11-day event.

• Festival of Flowers in May held at the palace.

• Picigin “world” Championship in June.

• Split Summer Festival in July with open air theater and music performances.

• Split Film Festival in September.

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