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How to Find Email by Company Name?

If you have maintained a business relationship then finding an Email address is very important. There are many modes of contact but email is a superb & most preferred method to getting in touch. Email makes more professional and personal at the same time, there are approximately 2.9 billion emails addresses in the world.  

Methods to Find Email Address by Company’s Name

  • Quick Google Search

If you couldn’t find the email address then search their first and last name along the word ‘email’ and perhaps their company name. Google will find anywhere like this combination. So, type and allow in Google search engine to do the rest of your job.

  • Contact us Page

If you have to find email address then goes to the contact page. Note that if it is an organization with multiple people, a general contact like “info” or “support” might not be the best email address to reach the person directly, in which case you may want to try another tool or method.

  •  About us Page:

The about page is a good place to find person’s email address. Companies have their leadership team listed on the about page and you might find anything from a brief bio to detailed contact info for every team member. Some people hide these about us and Contact us pages in footers, in random links in the sidebar, or in author images.

  • Personal Websites

If you have to find the email address then find the personal blogs or landing page for the contact, so definitely find email address only on this page. The author page is another tactic. Sometimes authors will list their email on the author profile page along with their profile or bio.

  • Social Media Accounts

Many sites will link out to their social media profiles, so a quick visit to someone’s social media profile you find an email address if they chose to put their email on their social profile. The best example is Facebook. Facebook pages are a great place to find email addresses for blogs and companies. This makes it super easy for you to pick up the email address they use the most.

  • LinkedIn

Nowadays everyone is on LinkedIn. You can easily find any email address on LinkedIn. Many people will display their email address publicly on their LinkedIn profile. This will create a spreadsheet where you can easily search and find the email addresses you are looking for.


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