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Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Lead Generation

Lead generation means the process of identifying and cultivating potential leads for a business’s products or services. Lead generation is the basic need of any business, so you have to do plan getting lead generation otherwise your business going in loss.

There are two types of leads:

1. Offline Leads: It means lead generated physically without any need of internet through sales executive.

2. Online Leads: It means lead generated from website or internet based source through social media, from contacting us form etc.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Lead Generation:

Nowadays more than 80% people search any product through internet. So your website look is very important and it matters. There are some important points that it matters in lead generation

  • Quality Content:

Content is first priority ^ if I is of good quality then consider you get leads. So while you are writing blogs, articles, social posting then your titles grab anyone’s eyes. Add attractive images related to topics, highlight certain keywords and main thing check your grammar as well.

  • Creative Website Designs

Always remember that the First impression is the last impression. Your site is like look and feel type. While you are making your website then make it easy for the customer to read as well as navigate your pages properly. Add different types of font style, contrast font color far different heading & subheading. By improving website design it easier for customers to use your site and also attract more users. Always make the user-friendly site.

  • Engage and Diversify

Most marketers do content marketing for generating leads. /it is one of the most effective ways to convert your website visitors. Your content is good but parallels you have to well published, advertised & should reach it to a huge crowd. This is the only way to know your company. Always remember to reply your comments on your posts because that will widen your contacts as well.

  • Site Speed

People likes the fast site. Slow loading time can destroy your business. Google mentioned that site speed is the one of the important Google ranking factor & fast site is a good user experience. If your site landing page is slow then your bounce rate of that page. So your main focus is on site speed.

  • Add relevant videos

Using videos on a landing page can increase conversion rate & keep visitors longer on your site. Videos grab customer’s attention but make sure to add few videos related to the content on the page. You can use a full-screen video as a background, or add it next to your call of action. You can use animations, music, audio, narration, colors.

  • Questions Answers Feedback

Feedback is an important factor. Get a feedback from everyone possible (co-workers, boss, old customers, friends, as well as clients). Also, as mentioned before, make sure to have a self-check as well.

The next and final step in lead generation is the rule to answer to all the comments and questions asked by your viewers. Also, answer to various blogs of different companies as well as to various questions on Quora.

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