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How to Search a Good SEO Company ?

Over the years, there have been quite a few articles on the subject; believe me, I have read most of them, but very few of them seem to come true. Most seem to be businesses with thin attempts to convince you that they are the best thing because sliced bread and only one, including Jenny Clark's this great post is what's more valuable.

Many of them do not have to do is give you any definite direction, what may be some real difference between SEO companies. It is not hard to throw a shiny website, and add some generic "we glory to what we do" text, but it does not really tell you if the company knows anything about SEO.

The problem is that in the past few years, SEO managed to get a bad name, the main is not available to customers. So many people have company stories, they just are not there when they need them, without success, and more often, just took the money and did nothing. In the worst case scenario, there are countless stories on the Internet, and they actually hurt the site they should work on.

In order to help you make a more informed choice, here is my selection of your next SEO company's five indicators.

Find a good strategy for the right company

This may surprise you, especially since it is my first on the list, but it's because a good SEO company must be able to make it work with your business strategy and help you implement your aims. SEO companies often talk too much about "how many keywords", and actually do not really understand the company. In fact, we should now "keyword" ideas blown away from the water. This is not the most important thing in your strategy, and focusing on too many short-tailed keywords at an inflated price is guaranteed to do only one thing - to help you quickly consume your cash.

So, ideally, you need a business that understands your business, the vertical industry and a deep understanding of the market. Only in this way can they really tell you the best course of action, not the best one for their pocket.

Find a company you really like

This may sound obvious, but you will work with them for a long time. At the beginning of the contract, you may say a lot to them, so you need to be comfortable and you have to talk to the person you are talking to and understand what you need. Let us understand that it will not be plain sailing, the road will be bumpy, twists and turns, so when you encounter difficult situations, you want people who are around you; want to help your people. They need to be part of the team; think of it as your outsourcing marketing team. Oh, and make sure they do their own work in-house. There is nothing wrong with the introduction of external experts when needed, but what you do not want is to find that you sign up to $ 5,000 per month for SEO, which is an individual who works in their bedroom and outsources $ 1,000 per month to another company in another country (Believe me, still happen).

Find a firm that is current and has an opinion

It's crucial to find the latest changes to the latest search engine, understand where social media is in the strategy, and see how technology can change the way we search and search online. It is no longer buying the most links you can rank first, it's about knowing what's important to rank today and tomorrow, and make sure their jobs bring long-term benefits to your business. View their websites, their blogs, and find out if they are posted elsewhere in the online? Do you like what they write? Are they and others the same or are they different? They have different views, is it meaningful? Just search the business and / or the owner's name to see what will happen. Writing a blog like the Huffington Post may be in this area ...

Looking for a company that goes beyond SEO

You want to find a technically savvy company, but you also want someone to be able to help you go beyond the relatively simple process of optimizing your site. Do they have any background in marketing or advertising, digital marketing or strategy that they can bring to your company? For example, you want a company that tells you that the problem is, for example, how your staff is answering phone calls instead of just telling you that they have your traffic, is this your job to make sure it converts? Beyond SEO means that they understand the overall strategy (see point 1), have the ability to tell you what needs to be done (point 2), and prepare to help you move quickly to meet environmental changes (point 3).

Find an English speaking company

Of course, you want them to know the difference between 301 and 404 *, but when you want to make sure they know their stuff, you do not want them to block you.

Now these are just a few of the top tips I have on how to choose a good SEO company but there are many other indicators you can use that you can access them in their office and they are VAT registered and they can provide you with different payment methods, Including direct debit? Find those companies that check the three boxes to help you quickly clear your short list.

You may also want to look at the experience of the labor force to see if they are purely "digital" or are they experienced in other areas? Often, people working in other disciplines bring some excellent transferable skills, especially those in advertising, marketing, news and public relations jobs. In fact, Google's current approach is that these people with content marketers who have clear advantages.

If possible, you should also look for a company that does not work for your competitor. This may sound da feet, but there are many SEO companies out there that enjoy working in a single vertical, such as travel, law or finance. While there are some excellent single sector agencies that specialize in a particular vertical, these companies are usually very good at their work, and if you and your competitors are all in the same market or keyword, there is always a problem. If two companies are in the same vertical industry with an agent and focus on the same keywords, success usually comes down to who is the most. In order to avoid escalating into the price war, it is best to consider a non-conflicting alternative body.

Finally, do not be fooled by people writing guff on their website. As a good example, there are many SEO companies that will present a list of the companies they work with and the results they get for these customers. If they are stupid enough to do this, then the least you can do is check this out. For example, if they say they have a customer searching for a search term on Google, why not check out? Most people will not be there to say they are.

In the final analysis, your decision may be motivated by other factors I have not mentioned here, such as price, availability or location. No matter what criteria you choose, keep in mind that there are many excellent SEO companies out there that you have to do is choose one!

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