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How to Reduce Bounce Rate of Website?

Bounce rate tells that visitor how much time spends on one page of your website without viewing any other page. High bounce rate means poor quality sites.

Ways to reduce bounce rate:

Page load time:

First, check the page load time because people likes fast sites. The slow speed of time decreases your business. Google mentioned that high-speed site is ranking factor and have a good user experience. Slow site means high bounce rate.


Content in the website should be unique and quality. Make the content readable. Write powerful content that readers read the content & it is useful also to solve their problems. Content is in proper format means you include keywords (keywords in bold), internal linking, proper paragraph. Insert bullets and subheading for making attractive easily readable content. There is no grammatical mistake. If you do all the things then automatically bounce rate decreases and your site gets rank on top page in search engine pages.

Website design:

Look and feel. Add better color contrast for background, adding appropriate images. Highlight the important content make it bold and italic. Make an attractive site.

Attractive Meta description:

Avoid lengthy description. The Meta description is a summary of your site. If it is more attractive then visitors comes on sites.  

Make mobile friendly site:

95% people spend time on mobile. A lot of searches is from mobile. So always make mobile friendly content. Most of the visitors are from mobile.

Add videos and suggestion:

For making interesting sites and knows the actual working of site add videos. Make the proper editing of video. Make a pop up for the suggestion. So people write their opinion and give suggestions which are helpful for you.

If you do all changes then your website is on top in search engine result page and also decreases your bounce rate. Also, increase your business.



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