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Basic Information of Google Webmaster Tool

If you have to increase the visibility of site or generate more traffic then you have to go through search engine optimization. But before starting optimization of your site you have to sign up for webmaster tools. It is the free tool which helps to understand what’s going on in your website.

Here is how Google webmaster tool works

Site Configuration

Just like everything else, Google isn’t perfect. So configuring your site can help them do a better job of ranking your website. When configuring there are a few areas that you should be familiar with:


A sitemap is nothing but pages on your website so they can index them. If you don’t submit sitemap then they may not index all your latest pages on your website, so you don’t get much traffic.  Sitemap has to be submitted an XML format & it can't contain more than 50,000 URLs or be larger than 10megs. If you exceed those limit then you have to split your sitemap in multiple sites & they submit it. Once your sitemap has been uploaded then google will tell you how many URLs are being indexed. It will index all your web pages but your goal should still get many pages indexed as possible. If your pages aren’t indexed means your content is a duplicate, So your title tag & meta description should be generic.

Crawler access

There will be some pages on your website that you don’t want Google to index. By creating a robot.txt file you can block not just Google but all search engines from accessing web pages that you don’t want. If accidentally Google indexed that pages that you don’t want to index then you can request them to request it through the session.


Sitelinks means internal pages of your website displayed on search engine result page. Not all sites have Sitelinks, this will depend upon your natural popularity of the site. Google automatically generate links but you can remove if you don’t want. You can’t show what pages you want to appear but you block what pages you don’t want.

Change of address

If you are looking to change the URL of your website, then your traffic is going to decrease

You can tell them through 4 easy steps:

  • Set up the new site – You have to get the new domain up and running. Make sure all your content is available for the public to see.
  • Redirect the old traffic – A 301 permanent redirect tells users and search engines that your site has permanently moved to new address.
  • Add your new site to GWT – Make sure you also verify your new website on Webmaster tool.
  • Tell GWT your new domain – In the change of address section, you can select the new domain name of your website. For crawling your site.

Links to your sites

The best way to increase your site ranking on Google then more site links to your website & this happens only when your site provide valuable information to the potential customer. Also, monitor which pages people are linking to it.

Internal linking

Internal linking to your site is an important part. If you don’t do any internal linking then your result won't placed on your Google search engine result pages. How much time crawler spend on your website is important.

Crawl error

If there is any problem related to your site on the web or on a mobile phone. The most common error occurred is 404 errors, which Google bot can’t find the page.  This error occurs mostly when a website that linking dead pages on your sites and hit them up. The error page is a drawback of your sites then visitor disappoints about your site. At that time you can redirect your page or site to new location or address.

HTML suggestion

When Googlebot crawl your sites, it may find some issues related to your content. These issues won’t prevent your site from appearing your site on top Google search engine pages, but you fix it then beneficial to boost your traffic & mostly this problem occur due to meta title and meta description. At that time you have to check your title tag length, and then you have to fix that URL in webmaster tool.

Site performance:

Your site load time is one of the important things that you have to monitor.  If your site takes more time to load then your bounce rate increases which are dangerous to your site. So you have to improve your site speed otherwise your Google traffic may down. Many websites increase their site only by improving site speed.  As much as your site is fast which is beneficial for your business.

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