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Most Common Mistakes during Interview Timing

Hunting for a new job is very stressful. You can get a job sometimes easily but sometimes it’s a headache. So before going to interview there are many things that you should know about that

  • Time Management

While going to an interview don’t be late, reach within time. It’s the important tip of the interview. Plan your route in advance and reach at the place before 10 minutes. This will show you are very punctual about time.

  • Key points

Before going to interview firstly go through the resume. If the interviewer asks you about this, you should able to give answer them straight away without taking any reference of your resume & while giving answer tell him deeply means explains on important things.

  • Silence your cell phone

Do remember to switch off your cell phone. Even place it in silent mode, if you may have any alarm and you forgot to do off & in middle of the interview it’s ringing then it definitely show unprofessional.  

  • Watch your body language

Don’t seat or make other posture that may suggest you are disinterest in either for an interview or what interview is talking about. Don’t do any negative body language.

  • Don’t lie

Don’t lie while giving any answer of question about your past employment and achievements. Talk frankly about your accomplishments and focus on skill which can be valuable in a new role.

  • Avoid personal discussion

Don’t discuss your view regarding any topic or any personal reason may be experiencing. Give the appropriate answer regarding any question. This is not the correct time to talk about any different topic.

  • Stay on topic

Firstly listen to the questions carefully & give the appropriate answer & stay on topic. Don’t give any irrelevant answer.

  • Don’t do gossip

Don’t talk any negative thing about your past employers and colleagues. It shows your prospective employer.

  • Discuss your skill

Be specific, what challenging situation you faced in your previous job and what acquired skills can be used in this role.

  • Make eye contact

Don’t forget to make eye contact and smile. Eye contact shows your confidence level. Always keep a small smile while will show relaxed even in difficult situation.

  • Ask the right question

While asking any question to interviewer ask them about company & role shows that you are interested in the job. Otherwise, ask him any technical question related to your job profile.

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