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How to Avoid Career Mistakes?

When you are choosing your career in the twenties at that you do many mistakes & after that, you don’t do any progress in your life. Then at that time, you think about that where I actually wanted to be in my life. So don’t do any mistake while choosing a career. If you make any mistake in your twenties then following things happened in your life:

1. You follow someone others plan

While choosing a career you always take a suggestion from your family, parents, and friends. But at the same time, you tell what do you want to become? What the things you have achieved from your life? And about your interest and if you are confused about all the things then write down a list of your career must haves. You can tell your family regarding your interest & try to convene them. 

2. You Get Complacent

Be confident on what you are doing. Don’t compare your career with your colleagues. First thing what do you want you from your life? Trust on your guts. Accept new challenges. Try to learn something new every day. Make a goal & try to do all the things that complete your goal. Update your LinkedIn summary. Make contact with your field person.

3. You Stay in a Job You Hate

If you're unhappy at work, your attitude and personality could suffer, which affects your personal life and relationships. If you're feeling this way, you should launch a search for a new position, immediately. You focus on your work rather complaining to your friends about your current situation, Make some new ideas on how to find a new one. Firstly understand might company is interested in you.

4. You Wait For the Phone to Ring

Your dream job isn't going to miraculously appear in your life. In fact, it's kind of like dating. For that, you have to try hard & grab the new opportunity. Your dream job isn't going to come knocking at your door, you need to chase it. So that instead of waiting for recruiters call, you call them. Or, the better option does research on tour Dream Company; find your best contact for the role you want and send them an informational email on LinkedIn. Through your communication, you get a good job.

5. You Let Fear Dictate Your Career

"I can't apply for that job, I'm not qualified."

"I already have a job so why spend time looking for a new one?"

"They'll never give me that promotion or a raise. I should just be happy with what I have now."

Sound familiar? The problem, for most of us, is nothing more than us giving a voice to our fears. Never let your fear dictate your career track. How do you know if you won't get the job unless you apply? Apply, apply, and apply again, for any position that sounds interesting to you. Never let the requirements of a position, or even your own self-doubt, stop you from going after what could be your dream job. Recently, a friend posed this question to me: "That wouldn't stop a guy from applying, so why should it stop you?" Go for it.

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