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How To Control Algae & Green Water In Your Pond

Algae is probably the most annoying thing is that one of the witnesses in the pool of him / her. In addition, it also spoil the look of algae pond and its surrounding areas nearby. You will feel that you are also a foul odor coming from the pond and the depletion of oxygen to aquatic life in the pond. With some simple tips you can control the growth of algae, and even stop growth completely.

Let's first understand what causes its growth.

Algae use photosynthesis technology, which means plants, algae and some bacteria harness the energy of sunlight into chemical energy. Pond algae can be classified Into two:

1. Green Water: These type of algae is so tiny that they can pass through even the finest of net or filter. These type of algae usually need sunlight and nutrients to be able to grow.

2. String Algae: This is also popularly known as hair algae, this filamentous species extends in the form of long strands and tend to tangle together.

Now let's ponder our thoughts over eliminating algae.

Appended below are some of the tried and tested method that control the growth of algae and also help prevent its growth.

1. Insert Plants

The first step in this direction is to add plants in the pond. This process will help the plants consume all the nutrients produced by the fish, leaving very little for algae.

Increase the amount of vegetation in the bottom of the pool helps in oxygenating the pond and provide a new lease of life to the plants and animals in the pond. Believe it or not, but this is perhaps the easiest and long-term solution to keep the water clean and clear.

What kind if the plants to be placed inside pond- choose your plants also make a lot of difference. One should choose the floating plants, such as lotus and lilies and lotus plants add strength and charm to your existing pond. Do you remember to protect your pond from excess sunlight.

2. Water Treatments

At advised to use different types of water treatment for effective results. You can treat even the most obvious forms of algae, and even algae and green series can be treated through repeated treatment. However, you need to make sure the dose that apply one to treat the algae.


3. How to control Green Water

Purification UV is probably the best medium to combat green water algae as it presents to the very high levels of ultraviolet radiation that destroy the reproductive ability.

Maintain balance to control algae growth

One needs to understand that you will not find a situation when the pond will be completely free of algae. But you can keep all your operations in tests to make sure

Which can be controlled or removed as soon as you find it hit the rock bottom of the pond. All your treatments to control algae helps to ensure that they are taken care of and control algae are properly controlled.

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