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Look Younger : Without Any Cosmetic Surgery

Some people are willing to do almost anything to look and feel younger, even going under the knife! Fortunately, there are safer and more natural to get the results you want, without the need for surgery ways. In many ways, simply meet the basic requirements of your body will make all the difference, which gives it a vitality that has not felt in years.

We have made a list of the 7 best ways to make yourself look younger without cosmetic surgery or the use of hazardous chemicals.

1. Yoga at any age

The development is even more important as we age. Exercise keeps healthy circulation, builds and maintains muscle tone, strengthens bones and reduces stress. These factors make it look and feel more years if neglected, but can be remedied only 60 minutes of exercise a week.

Yoga is a good exercise at any age because of their low impact movements. you can not jump or run around, but towards the end of his 20-minute session, you will definitely get sweaty. Yoga focuses on lengthening the muscles, keeping them toned, firm and flexible. Almost anyone can do basic yoga positions, so do not be afraid to start working on a beginner level and work your way up!

2. More good fat, bad fat less

Experts are always touting the benefits of good fats meaner, but what this really means? Saturated and trans fats are bad fats that end up clogging your arteries and cause LDL cholesterol to skyrocket. Good cholesterol, HDL can even be reduced by the consumption of trans fats and saturated!

The good news is, eating healthy fats have the opposite effect, increasing HDL and lowering LDL. You'll experience the benefits of healthy fat with energy levels and improving healthy and radiant skin. The average adult should get 20-30% of their diet from fat, and healthy fats are found in:




Cheese (in moderation)


Dark chocolate

3. Exfoliate morning and afternoon

Most people know the skin exfoliation provide a deep clean that feels fresh, but actually is the science behind this method makes you look younger.

By using an abrasive cloth or special exfoliating soaps, which is removing dead skin cells and forcing your body to regenerate new ones faster. This means you will get dull, lifeless skin and constantly replaced by new, shiny skin.

Scrub also sends signals to your body to produce more collagen. natural collagen is difficult to achieve after we got 30 years, but by exfoliating can trick your body to do more, resulting in more elastic skin tone. Make it a habit to exfoliate your face every time you brush your teeth once in the morning and one at night.

4. Enough sleep

It is obvious that consuming a lot of caffeine, alcohol, smoking, and partying the night is not good for your sleep. It is a barrier, a large brick wall your good sleep and radiant skin. If you have not slept well, it has not gathered enough energy for the day. What you can expect a bright and shiny skin when you're low on energy and vibration for a long time?

There is a wrong impression that only young people and children need a full night's rest, but nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone has a "growing", no matter if they are 5 or 50, because our cells are always dying and being replaced.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is an important factor revitalization of our body once these cells die. While we sleep, HGH is released, helping to repair the body, including the skin. More rest is the easiest and most enjoyable way to get radiant, younger-looking skin and even keeps your hair from graying prematurely!

5. Sunscreen is not an "option"!

Even if you live in the rainiest, darker weather, sunscreen is essential to keep the skin from being devastated by the sun's harmful rays. This is because although the sun in the sky is not intense enough to burn skin, or even if you have a darker complexion that is resistant to burns, harmful UV rays are still absorbed by the body.

These UV furtive rays are getting older by the minute, even on cloudy days! In fact, science has discovered that many of the issues that we blame on aging such as skin discoloration, wrinkles and lost elasticity, can be attributed to sun exposure. Take the first step of prevention by using sunscreen SPF 30 or higher on a daily basis. For bonus points, or just to save time in your daily routine, get a sunscreen that doubles as a healthy moisturizer.

6. Stay hydrated

This is a no-brainer, and you should be getting enough water for all the other health benefits. However, if you have been avoiding rising water intake and reducing caffeinated drinks, sugar in your diet, now is the time to start.

naturally we lose water through urine, sweat, and even breathing. Sometimes, before even starting to feel thirsty, our bodies will detect dehydration and start to regulate water to all the most important organs of the body. Since our skin is not considered as important as other organs, it is one of the first to suffer from this regulation, which will harden, dry and cracked.

Stay hydrated to avoid putting your skin by trauma to undo. It will give the skin a brighter fuller appearance.

7. Get Busy

Sex is to relieve stress, and while that's good for the skin, there is even better news. Orgasms actually release a surge of estrogen throughout your body, which is known to help the production of collagen and lead fuller, healthier, brighter skin. Other chemicals released during orgasm can help your skin, too. Antibodies are released, helping the skin repair and infection control. Serotonin is also produced, which increases the feeling of well-being and reduce stress on a visceral level.

One, brighter healthier appearance

True beauty comes from within. By controlling what you eat and the protection of the skin against the elements, you can achieve healthier, younger looking skin naturally. You may not have the same dramatic effect as a facelift, for example, but still look great and be protecting your skin from future damage.

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