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Are You Damaging Your Hair ?

In one day, the hair can withstand drying washing, brushing, heating, and style. If it is a routine practice, then after some time your hair may start to show signs of damage, such as frizz and split ends.

Hair naturally thin and dull with age, but there are steps anyone can take to stop or even reverse this problem. These are the most common mistakes that are made, but the good news is that they are easy solution to wear your hair new life.

1. Too much conditioner

The ends of the hair are the only parts that really need air. Start with an amount the size of dime and dissipating it through the hair. When necessary, up to the amount, but never apply more quantity than the size of a coin.

This will benefit your hair and your wallet - using less product every time you wash prolong the life of a bottle of conditioner.

2. Sun damage

Sun damage can lead to a dry and itchy scalp as well as the battered hair. The good news is that sun damaged or dry scalp can be repaired. Try to resist the itch if it is an irritation, try a white vinegar rinse in the shower. This will help you get rid of waste and relieve irritation.

relief anti-dandruff shampoos also help with itching. Specialty Repair of shampoos and conditioners aim to repair the hair and scalp after sun exposure. To prevent damage, consider wearing a hat outdoors for a long period of time.

3. Wash Every Day

In general, hair should be washed only with the necessary frequency, which is every two to three days. Any more frequently than this and the hair is stripped of its natural oils that help protect it and keep it shiny.

During washing dyed hair also quickly bored. If exercise keeps you wash your hair every day, try to rinse only with water and then conditioned hair ends. Dry shampoos are widely available through many retailers, even made in shades to match most hair colors.

4. The use of excess heat during styling

Many modern design tools come with adjustable temperature settings, and its own settings depend on the type of hair you have.

We recommend starting at 300 degrees and gradually increase the heat, if you are not seeing the desired results. And remember, do not always use hot tools on the hair it is wet, and always use a heat protective product.

5. Brushing hair when wet

Wisps of hair are much weaker when wet, and one of the biggest mistakes do is force a brush through it. Try brushing your hair before getting into the shower to untangle knots.

Consider using a wide-tooth comb, while in the shower to work in conditioner and remove knots from the ends to the roots.

6. The wrong type of shampoo

Cleaning agent in shampoos, such as sulfates, they have gained popularity. Although there are no health risks that come from them, these chemicals have a tendency to dry the skin, hair and scalp, while removing the color.

shampoos without sulfate help with frizz, split ends, and entanglements.

7. Avoid haircuts

The average length of time to go between the ornaments is approximately 3 months. Even if you are trying to grow your hair out when you begin to see split ends, you should opt for a cut.

The damage will continue until the shaft and ultimately necessitate a cut that is longer than you might want.

8. Too many chemical treatments

On average, only should be getting about 2 treatments per year, not including dyes. They can not only damage the hair if used too often, it is not healthy to breathe regularly.

The more often a process as it is relaxing, will be more prone to breakage hair.

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