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8 Ways To Improve Your Memory And Concentration

Your brain is like a muscle. Without going to the gym and feed your muscles with proper food, simply will not grow. The same applies to your brain. Without giving care and attention, it will be like any other body part, while serving with a series of mundane tasks that used to be done every two days.

And if there were an easy way to improve your brain capacity, which greatly improve memory and concentration? Would you try it? Of course yes. But you'd take that method and make it a good habit? It is likely that he would not. Why? Because we are creatures of habit - and, unfortunately, most are bad habits.

So, having said this, we recommend that you read on, because there are things you may not know about your body that you can use to your advantage and become habits to improve memory and concentration.

1. Be the master of your own dream

We all know that to get the suggested 8 hours of sleep each night can be difficult, especially in today's accelerated world. Instead of pursuing the rules, why not take naps during the day? According to the National Sleep Foundation, 85% of mammal species are polyphasic sleepers, which means taking naps - we humans are also in this category. A short nap of 20-30 minutes can have a big impact on your concentration and memory.

2. Understand their periods of wakefulness and sleep

Understand when they are awake and alert helps increase productivity. Studies have shown that people feel more alert at 10 am and the elements of the top of the list of tasks must be performed during this time.

However, alertness varies between different people and understanding when they are awake is important. Why not keep track of their productivity levels by writing to the times that has achieved most? By doing this, you will be able to know the best of times alert.

3. Develop a ritual of giving a boost to your engine

There is a lot of research that looks the way CEOs are so productive. One of the methods used by CEOs are 3 wins for the day technique. By establishing three major tasks you want to accomplish before you start your day, position your mind to complete these tasks 3 large to make the day a success.

4. Understand Losing focus and concentration

Breaking approach an involuntary reaction is innate to keep us safe. While selective approach is the focus up and down, breaking approach is a bottom-up reaction. For example, a very bright light or loud our approach breaks most of the time. Once, our approach breaks takes us about 25 minutes to refocus again. With this knowledge, you can concentrate for long periods of time, provided that there are no distractions around.

5. Exercise to improve memory and concentration

When we exercise, our nerve cells produce proteins called neurotrophic factors that trigger other chemicals that help in learning. A 2010 study in monkeys published by neuroscience has shown that regular exercise helps monkeys learn new tasks twice as fast compared to monkeys without exercise, and is one of the scientific benefits believe that would be applicable to humans as well .

6. Play Brain Games

"If you do not use, you lose," and this is rightly applied to the brain. Research on brain plasticity tells us that by providing the brain with brain exercises can stop this degeneration.

A program called HQ brain is designed to provide our brains with different stimuli to improve different areas, from reading and understanding of memory improvement. Only control app stores smartphone, you can find many different brain games. However, it is recommended to invest only 20 minutes a day on brain games, as these will become like any other mundane task if done longer on a daily basis.

7. Practice Association and visualization

Images are easier to remember than facts, and scientists have discovered that never really forget anything. The reason why we can not remember things is the lack of mental "hooks" that help us retrieve information from our brain.

To use the V & A way to remember things, things that are memorable are associated. For example, remembering a shopping list can be quite intimidating. With an item like blueberries, you can associate it with something memorable, like a blue bear. Blueberries are not memorable, but riding a blue bear sure is!

8. Hang out with friends often

A study by the School of Public Health at Harvard found that people with an active social life show less mental decline. Humans are, after all, social animals, and being around friends often is not only a benefit to our emotional health, but also for brain health.

You can take advantage of the benefits of memory stimulation of socialization by reaching over the phone, volunteering, or even join a club. And if everyone is just busy doing their things, you can use a pet - especially a dog very sociable.

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