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Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf originated in 15th-century in Scotland & now it is playing in all over the world. Men’s, women’s, and kids can play this game. If you play golf game properly according to its rules and regulation then there is possible to get a great workout. Golf is mentally & physically very challenging game.  

Healthy benefits of Golf game:

Burning Calories

You can burn as much as 1,500 to 2,000 calories, depending on the weather and the terrain of the course. In hillier track, you will require more work to do, but even on a flatter layout, a round of golf is still a walk of some six or seven miles, with an added weight of a couple dozen pounds distributed across your back and shoulders.

Reduces stress

The golf game is mostly played in the fresh air, socializing, with an added mental challenge means golf releases endorphins, the natural mood-enhancing chemicals in your brain, which make you happy and more relaxed.

Heart health

Any form of physical exercise helps to get blood pumping to your heart. Walking, carrying your bag and swinging all increase your heart rate and blood flow. Your risk of strokes and diabetes are reduced, and there can be positive effects on reducing blood pressure and harmful cholesterol if you follow the healthy diet and lifestyle.

Improving Concentration

Golf is a sport of mind that requires concentration. Less concentration will lead to imperfect performance. Golfers need to more focus to hit the ball and swing the stick to reach the destined hole. Therefore, Golf helps golfers to concentrate and focus on the game.

Treating Patience

Golfer learns how to manage their own weakness. Besides, they should have the ability to read and understand “the field.” Their patience is being tested during the game.

Better sleep 

After playing golf game you are getting quite a bit of exercise, your tired body will thank you at night when it’s time for some long deserved rest. Golfers will fall asleep faster and sleep more profoundly. Deeper sleep is necessary for your body to regenerate cell and repair any muscles and tissues.

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