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Top 10 Health Benefits of doing Volunteering

When you help others, you also help yourself. Volunteering helps communities unite to help unfortunate people or improve the quality of life for everyone. Whether you are saving animals or mentoring children, volunteer is a helpful way to help your community. Healthcare professionals have also found that it gives you many health benefits. Read and understand the greatest health benefits of volunteering.

Certain provinces and territories, as well as some individual districts, schools and programs, require students to complete a certain number of volunteer hours before graduation.

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Build self-esteem

Volunteer activities force you out of your comfort zone. Whether meeting and working with new people, or mastering new skills, volunteerism forces you to grow into one person. According to the University of Minnesota psychologist Mark Snyder (Mark Snyder) point of view, "volunteers tend to have a higher self-esteem, mental health and well-being.


Relieve pressure

Modern life can make us anxious, alienated and overburdened. When you volunteer, you check your own questions at the door to help others with them. Social interaction, meaningful work and exercise to reduce stress levels.


Creating a sense of purpose

The philosopher is not the only person who seeks a sense of purpose in life. Many people have a hard time defining what their lives are. "Am I giving back to the world?" "Did I spend my time selfishly?" Like the problems of our people. The truth is that most jobs are not all fulfilled. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to find a career that you think and believe in and give you a way to do it. This is why many volunteers feel at ease.


Social support

A person can make a difference, but the whole society can change the world. Most volunteer organizations must work collectively, the entire team, to promote close contact, and to establish close links between volunteers. Studies have shown that volunteers help create social relationships that reduce depression and loneliness. Helping the elderly and retirees to maintain a social network in their lives is particularly beneficial.


Cardiovascular Health

The Carnegie Melon study, published by the American Psychological Association, found a temporary link between volunteerism and the risk of hypertension in adults 50 years of age or older. Older people who volunteered for at least 200 hours a year were less likely to develop hypertension than non-volunteers, the study found. Although the study can not determine the link, it suggests a higher level of physical activity and better mental health as a possible explanation.


Reduce mortality

Improving cardiovascular health is just one of the ways in which volunteers have shown a reduction in mortality. A 2005 study found that those who gave social support to others had lower rates of mortality than non-unemployed and other factors such as class and age. A longitudinal study confirms that providing support to others can lead to a reduction in mortality after five years.


Promote travel

Volunteering strengthens your local community. Chances are you can find a great cause just in the street. But what if you want to save whales or provide medical assistance elsewhere? Global volunteer opportunities attract congenial people from around the world to help a cause. At HFR, we celebrate anything that promotes travel. Volunteers expand your horizons, allowing you to see the world while helping others. Now this is a worthy cause.


Make you happy

Think about the undeniable pleasure of the last time. When you feel a kind of distributed satisfaction and positive feeling, can not be mistaken for something else. Maybe you feel right after a good day or with friends and family after a homely meal exercise.


Do you think is called "happiness effect", London School of Economics researchers claimed that volunteers to create a happy effect. If they volunteer each month, 7% of people may say they are "very happy", if twice a month, then 12% of people said they feel "very happy."


Teaching care

When you are concerned about others, it can help you to re-evaluate your concern for yourself. Take the time to work in a positive environment and you will give priority to self-care and love.


Learn new skills

Whether you are cooking in a food bank or building house, your volunteer work will push you to learn new skills. Learn to keep your mind young and improve your critical thinking. It can also help you in your career, which can provide financial benefits and rest assured of your peace of mind.

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