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Do You Know ? Alcohol can Prevent Weight Gain

A healthy lifestyle along with a low carbohydrate diet is about balance. Sticking to your diet by watching their carbohydrate intake does not mean you can not enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a cocktail with friends. Dieters have several low carb options, vodka and soda some light beers.

Sugar content of a drink is what distinguishes either high or low in carbohydrates. Most low-carb drinks and spirits are clear or light. This is because they are hard straight without mixing alcohol containing added sugar.

Alcohol hard straight, including vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey and has zero grams of carbohydrates or sugar per ounce. Instead, these drinks get all their calories from alcohol, and vary in calories 97 calories for a 1.5-ounce shot of 80-proof gin, rum, vodka, whiskey or tequila.

Although these drinks are not loaded with carbohydrates, you can still add calories to your daily intake depending on the mixer to choose from.

 Check out these five alcoholic drinks low in calories that are less likely to make you fat.


The popular bar staple - vodka soda - is virtually zero carbohydrate because it is a clear spirit. Skip the juice and add soda water or diet soda to reduce carbohydrates and calories. Clear beverages make choosing the right drink visually easy and usually are significantly lower in sugar (and calories) than their counterparts colors.


Exchange of soda for diet choices, such as diet cola, can make your exit to hard liquor low carbohydrate use. The mixture of rum without favorite flavor of diet coke making back only 100 calories. This drink is the exception to the rule of liquor without dark - although it is dark because of the Coca-Cola Light, which is a relatively low-calorie drink.


A vodka martini is an odorless, colorless drink that can be part of any low-carb diet if it is dry. Typically, this includes gin and vermouth with an olive or a twist of lemon added. Gin has zero carbohydrates. "The juices, soda and other mixers are high in sugar / carbohydrates, leading to drink your calories, literally," Reddy said.


If red wine best suits your palate, Pinot Noir is an excellent low-carb option. Meanwhile, there are about 122 calories and 3.4 grams of carbohydrates in a single glass of wine, which is about 5 ounces. According to Reddy, a true low carbohydrate beverage must have less than 5 grams of sugar.


Beers usually do not on the list of low-carb because most of them are flooded with carbohydrates, hence the term "beer belly". This is because there are a lot of fast-digesting carbohydrates in beer, which can be a disaster for weight control. However, some light beers such as Michelob Ultra, will not sacrifice his waist.

Currie believes that wine is the "healthiest" of all beverages, alcohol in moderation but others have also proven to be "healthy" in scientific literature.

Balancing a healthy lifestyle and responsible consumption will reduce your chances of developing a beer belly.

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