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You should clean your coffee Mug the way more than you think


You reach for your coffee cup desk next time, remember that it is filth dish.

This seemingly harmless "world's best boss" cup can reduce paper waste, the amount you put in the world, but research from the soil, water and environmental science at the University of Arizona showed that it may not be good for your health if you do not wash enough.

Experts agree that you should bring home every day you have a good cup of scrub.

"Colonies of bacteria living in your favorite cup," Charles Gerba, University of Arizona Environmental Microbiology Professor, about the men's health.

Gerber studies have shown that office Cup hosting a variety of bacteria - even if fecal bacteria.

Normally, bacteria in the land where the cup has been cleaned up after the bacteria-laden sponge or scrub brush. Cleaning behavior becomes very downfall.

The bacteria can survive the nooks and crannies of the cup for three days, Gerber said. (It's worth but noted Bacteria are everywhere, a lot of it is completely harmless.)

Business Insider and Jim Osgood, Klean Kanteen's president and chief executive officer speaking on how best to get rid of your germs cup tips. His company can make these eco-friendly, stainless steel travel mug, seemingly everywhere you see - and equipped with coffee connoisseurs recommend.

"The more easy to clean, more likely you are to use it," Osgood for the enterprise through the best in the world, to celebrate the use of sustainable practices, and as a force annual list of companies honored when told Business Insider good retreat .

So buy a cup or bottle, and not too many places.

And avoid nasty accumulated on the sponge, put your cup home every night. If it's dishwasher, loaded it, and make sure the machine after the drying cycle.

Dishwasher than your kitchen sink, it is better to eliminate bacteria reach temperatures rise, according to Osgood. Gupta agreed, but told Men's Health hot water, soap and paper towels is sufficient, if a dishwasher is not available to you.

Not the most intuitive selection, dishwasher than washing hands can be more environmentally friendly. It uses less soap and water for each member when the load is full.

So, you do not have to give up your own reusable cup habits. It is just less hair.

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