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7 Ways How To Sneak A Workout Routine Into Your Everyday

1. Do all your own

 Clean the room, mow the lawn, rake leaves, hand wash your car. Twisted, stretched, lifting - all the heat burns.


2. Get up from your desk.


By walking or sitting during meetings to walk more work. If time permits, people in the delivery of information via e-mail do not. Get up.


3. Find a new chair.


Change your new chair to stabilize the ball to help your core muscles build strength.


4. Start your day with a quick walk around the block.


Nothing intense, nothing long is just a brisk walk for you to go. Leave your sneakers through the door before going to bed so you can get ready.


5. Set the alarm.


Whether you are working or browsing websites set the alarm on your computer or tablet every 50 minutes. You should not be sitting at the same time for more than 60 minutes. When the alarm sounds, get up, stretch and walk for a few minutes.


6. Sitting stretch.


Do the lower body yoga posture to build leg strength. Sitting on a sofa or chair, feet flat on the floor. Use your right leg on your left and press right leg behind the left calf. Maintain 10-15 seconds and repeat each leg several times.


7. Do not waste advertising time.


While watching TV, get up and do jump jacks for a minute or a minute for the knees, every time a commercial lights up.



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