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3 Exercises That Burn Calories Than RUNNING

Running is one of the most beloved exercises. It helps burn calories, and is to relieve stress. Moreover, it requires almost nothing except a good pair of running shoes and an open road. However, even if it burns calories, it makes 10 calories per minute during a normal marathon pace. For people looking to lose weight faster or just want something more exciting, running it is not the best option. They should try some of the best alternatives that are more effective. For example, jumping rope, cycling or kettle bell swings, burn more fat than running. And they are not alone.

Here are some other suggestions you could try and see which one fits best. They all have certain benefits for their health and physical appearance. Moreover, they are easy to make and quick, which is great if you are busy and do not have much time to exercise.

1. Battle ropes

This exercise will help you improve your strength, hand grip and balance. They are designed in such a way that makes you work harder and try more. This, in turn, causes you to put in more strength and power to do the exercise.

The strings help build muscles like biceps, shoulders and legs, depending on what variation of fighting the ropes you do. There are several exercises that can be done with ropes battle. In addition, you can make different movements such as linear or circular. Each movement work a specific muscle group. For example, you can try to do squats while moving the strings in a wave motion (double or alternating). Then you do the slam.

Take the ropes at the ends, standing with feet apart, raise his hands above his head and slam the ropes on the floor with all his strength. Stand up and repeat the movement several times. However, if you want to work in the obliques you can do sideswipe. The movement is similar to the previous year, just you bend your knees slightly and hit on the side of your body.

2. Cycling

Cycling is beneficial to your health, for numerous reasons. First, it improves flexibility and muscle strength. It also helps to tone the back, waist and legs. In addition, the heart pumps, so it is stronger and rejuvenate your brain. However, it is an exercise that puts his whole body to the test and increase your health at higher levels.

You can take cycling, even if you do not have time for it. For example, you can bike to work instead of taking the bus or driving a car. It is healthier and saves you money. You can buy one of those folding bikes, which easily fit in your office, purse, or car, and wait there until the next time you need. They are also great to take with you if you go on a trip and wants to ride a bike there. They are not only functional, but that are affordable, too.

3. Burpees

This is a combination of exercises, push ups with greater precision, and squat jumps. It is intense and requires a lot of strength and endurance. That is why it is ideal for building strength and balance. Moreover, the whole body working jumping, squatting and doing push-ups, so almost are using all the muscles of the body. It's a great option to lose weight and improve their physical endurance.

Burpees not require any special equipment or a lot of space for exercise. You can do this in your garden, on the balcony, in the gym - anywhere where there is enough space to jump. If you do a few repetitions, and combined with other exercises, the end result would be amazing. And this goes for both their physical and mental health.

So, how you are burpees? Well, first you must get to a squat, all the way down, hands beside you. Second, push your legs back and get into a push up position. Make a quick upward thrust, and then return to the first position. From here, he jumps high, and land in a squat. Repeat several times. If you want maximum potential, make as many burpees as you can in one minute. If done correctly, you can burn about 10 calories per minute.

These three exercises can be done in combination with others. They do burn more fat than running, but when combined will get the best results. Even better, they do not require a lot of time, plus it can be done both inside and outside, which is great for busy people, or if weather conditions do not work in your favor. However, there is no excuse for not trying out, at least. Take a picture and see what happens. After all, your health is the most important asset, and should not be lazy about it.

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