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Affordable and Effective Spa Treatments Packages in Pune

Do you feel overwhelmed with your daily routine? The idea of getting up and starting a new day does not excite you anymore? Well, it's time to take a break and you get a dose of freshness and rejuvenation.

The next time you travel, whether for business or pleasure, enjoy a visit to the luxury spa. Imagine chilling in a quiet room with soft lighting in a comfortable, fluffy chair wearing one of its soft luxurious robes. You are taking a cup of hot and soothing tea your mind and body are diminishing in a relaxed state of mind. A spa manager in her soft voice asks you to follow her to a treatment room where she will be pampered for the next few hours with a rejuvenating facial and body scrub and massage.

Ora Regenesis Spa is one of the popular Spa in Pune that offer various spa treatments. Spa treatments help the body to detoxify. Detoxification means the removal of toxins from the body. When our body becomes unbalanced, we yearn to rebalance our systems. Our body will not be able to eliminate the accumulation of toxins and contaminants will begin to strain our internal systems. Without the detoxification process, our body will not be able to eliminate the accumulation of toxins and contaminants that can twist your internal systems.

Vacations are a perfect time to do this, give your body a break to cleanse itself so that it can continue to function properly.

Here are some of the Ora Regenesis Spa packages offered by them: -

Ora De-Stress - This is one of the most popular spa packages that revitalize and relax your body and mind. In this 2 hours package, you will get Destress Massage, Reflexology, and Choice of baths.

ORA Chocolate Delight - Enjoy this effective Chocolate treatment you will get a massage and organic relaxation to soothe the skin. In this 2 hours package, you will get Experience a wonderful cocoa treatment Rich Chocolate Scrub, Chocolate Delight Massage, Rich Chocolate Wrap, Ora Milk Chocolate Bath (Complimentary - Chocolate Bar)

ORA Made For Each Other- This is one of the great ways to treat you and get a great really enjoyable experience. Relax, de-stress and feel refreshed once you complete your 3 hours of total indulgence. Get a moisturizing body wrap in order to restore moisture to your body leaving the skin soft and silky. This treatment includes A choice of scrub (Sugar crush/sea salt/Radiance), A choice of massage (Swedish/de-stress), Ora Body envelope (To compliment the choice of scrub), Ora Exotic Bath (Complimentary-chocolates with non-alcoholic wine)

Cleansing treatment such as exfoliation, steam, wraps, chocolate, massages, mud treatments, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage helps the healing process of your body during detoxification treatment.

Massage treatment helps to stimulate blood circulation throughout the body and encourage your body to remove toxins from your systems.

There are several Pune Spa packages from where you can choose one and get an escape from the daily grind. Beauty and wellness treatment are an important step in helping our skin to recover from the atrocities of pollution and rapid lifestyle. Take time to pamper yourself and re-capture your well-being. This is a necessary step in order to escape into the world of our busy work schedule.

If you do not have a lot of time then you can always choose a day spa out of town. But if you have the time and money, then flying to a new place and a health retreat is definitely a great option. Change of atmosphere is very good for the soul.

So, what are you waiting for! Relax with a massage or detox your body with a detox treatment. Choose any of the spa packages at a day spa or stay longer with a health retreat and enjoy a complete break from routine life!

Ora Regenesis Spa is one of the most Popular Full Body Massage in Pune. We have another branch in Bangalore. We provide Spa in Bangalore.his treatment refreshes and rejuvenates your body.

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