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Top 10 Healthy Italian Foods

So, you probably do not need me to screw your arm to Italy and eat some food. Although the world-famous food, there are intestine nemesis like veal and Bama cheese lasagna, also contains a variety of fantastic nutritional choices. We list some healthy Italian food to eat at your next trip or do it at home.


This polarized fish is definitely not for everyone. Sardines are oily and have a bold taste. Sneak into a salad and dine in the guests will surely know. But this staple of Italian cuisine offers fantastic returns to all who appreciate the taste. Sardines 3 ounces serve 20 grams of protein, 60% of omega-3, 50% of vitamin D, 3 times your B12 DV, and plenty of other nutrients.

Extra virgin olive oil

You know there are handmade spaghetti to go big? olive oil. And a good dressing garden fresh vegetables? olive oil. One way to enhance the taste of the day's catch. You guessed it. Olive oil is like the DNA of Italian cuisine. Everything builds around it. Not only does a small amount of flavor and texture offer great rewards, but it is incredibly healthy for you.

This is a healthy fat and the source of omega-3, which is on your heart and brain. But olive oil may also have anti-cancer properties. Published in Molecular and Cell Oncology Studies have shown that olive oil oleocantha compounds are toxic to cancer cells, which disrupt lysosomes without harming uncancerous cells. Maybe olive oil has something to say with Italy is one of the healthiest countries in the world.


The curiosity of this geometric vegetable has been the staple food of Italian cuisine, because Caesar ruled the world. The Italians ate salads, pasta, or fried. The USDA ranked artichoke has the seventh highest antioxidant in any food. A service of Artichoke provides you with daily fiber, keeping the digestive system healthy in half.

They also low in calories and contain the flavonoid silymarin and phytonutrients cynarin, both of which are good liver function. So if you're going to indulge in some Pinot Gris, match with Artichoke! Your liver and tongue will thank you.


One of the most well-known ambassadors of Italian cuisine, tomatoes is everything from classic garlic sauce to salad to Caprese. They also come loaded with vitamin C and lycopene, which fight the edge of a heart's antioxidant protection against prostate cancer.

Italian vegetable soup

Here is another popular incarnation of tomatoes. The Italian vegetable soup is a hearty vegetable soup that can serve as any appetizer or a main course to eat. Traditional Italian chefs may make them with onions, garlic, carrots, green beans, fresh herbs, kidney beans and tomatoes. This is a lot of nutrients in a bowl. Allowing you to avoid high sodium at home.

Basil (and friends)

Like basil, parsley, lavender, fresh Italian herbs are planted throughout the Italian peninsula. They are often chopped and thrown into ravioli and lasagna, or eat with olive oil and bread. They are simple, tasty and very healthy.

The health benefits of fresh herbs are their variety of flavors. Basil Relieves Pain, Oregano There is a powerful antioxidant called rosmarinic acid that helps the immune system and may be useful when dealing with Alzheimer's disease in rosemary.

Fresh mozzarella

The high protein snack is one of the most healthy cheeses in the world. The slimy freshness of an ounce contains 7 grams of protein and 70 calories. It also has bone strength, niacin, riboflavin, biotin, and vitamin B6 calcium. Therefore, cheese is great, healthy skin, vision, red blood cells.

Pre-shredded stuffs are loaded with preservatives, but fresh cheeses (as they do in Sicily, its origin) are a delicious refreshing snack. Combination with tomato and basil capre salad!


Vampires and the bane of the Gospel of the Italians. Raw food, but in cooking miracles, sugar added when roasted garlic is hot. It's delicious either way, but it's about eating with almost anything you can imagine.

Garlic is also one of the healthiest foods on earth. Garlic daily consumption and reduce the incidence of cancer, thanks to allylic sulfide can inhibit the transformation of carcinogenic PHIP. Some of its many other benefits include high levels of vitamin B6, thinning of the blood (to reduce blood clots), and iodine-treated conditions for hyperthyroidism.


These seemingly bizarre creatures have been swimming for Italy since the end of the extensive coastline and a lot of tasty Italian cuisine. Do not let you have fried rubber squid in a sports bar that you put off squid. When freshly baked and white wine sauce can also be fresh and delicious. It also lowers the levels of homocysteine in your body, reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. And like other forms of seafood, squid is a source of vitamin B12, which can help you absorb the food into energy.

Lemon shaved ice

When you live in a country with fresh fruits Italian blessing you do not need a lot of sugar in the desert. That is why one of the country's most popular deserts is also one of its oldest. As early as Roman times, Caesar would send their slaves up the mountain and bring them back to the snow chest when the sultry city fell in the summer to eat fresh ice.

With fresh citrus fruits such as blood oranges and lemons, the flavors of shaved ice have delighted Italy so far. Low-sugar (if any) added at all, these snacks contain enhanced immunity to vitamin C, and it will also provide rich garlic and acid beans after a much needed palette cleaning.

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