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Top 10 Deceptively Delicious Healthy Foods

Do not let the myth of food and deceptive packaging fool you in the grocery store. Marketers like to shoot fashionable words like a package "natural" and "light". But that does not mean it carries any nutritional value advertised. Before you call a healthy thing, consider what it is and where it comes from. It is vital that food labels are an informed consumer between the lines. Here are 10 healthy foods that look like healthy food and do not look closely.


Natural food

Shocking? not real. In food, is naturally not the same as their own health. The FDA is saying what is "natural" so it is meaningless to the standard. Each manufacturer decides how they want to define and how food processing is applied to it. Since there are no federal regulations for labeled natural products, the term is often used for marketing purposes, not for health purposes.

Fruit juice

A cup full of fruit powder, what is not love? Sugar content as a whole. For another, juice lacks fiber and biologically active ingredients throughout the fruits and vegetables. A number of studies have shown how the potential health benefits of vitamins can be attributed to the whole of the various fruits and vegetables involved, rather than to the substantial components of their consumption.

This is detrimental and does not give it anything to do with its utterances in the long-term gastrointestinal tract - to thoroughly digest nutrients. The real deception comes from some businesses even if the packaging claims they are made with "real" fruit not getting their juice from fresh ingredients.

Whey protein powder

Whey is an important source of complete protein as it derives from animal products. The problem is that many protein powders are highly processed. Throughout the ingredients will be found, there are sugar in the complex chemical name is hidden. By contrast, plant-derived proteins are considered to be incomplete sources of protein, but they can be made to meet the needs of all complementary proteins. Ideally, the best way to obtain the protein is not through the powder, but by balancing the diet from fish, eggs, nuts, and the like. include

Instant oatmeal

Instant oatmeal comes in and makes your morning routine a little easier to facilitate pre-measured data packets. But this quick fix is filled with sugar (10g per pack) and too small to fill you. Through your peak hours of fighting, sitting at your desk, hunger will have your snacks far-reaching. Another major problem is that they are filled with sugar. Rather than relying on pre-packaged oatmeal, try to serve the old fashioned / steel cut oats or prepare the oatmeal overnight if time is a problem.

Oats and cereals

"Made with whole grains," is a stamp of health products, right? Strengthen the production of cereal-based products with artificial vitamins and minerals, because there are many nutrients are lost in the treatment process. They also pay attention to the amount and add sugar amount. Sugar injection straight into the cereal cluster, but also found in the dried fruit. Even in the absence of such fruit, sugar can be found in the form of glaze enriched for oats or cereals. People tend to be ahead of the spirit of a surpassing processing of foods, such as oats or cereals, which leads to a service that has elevated blood sugar levels with chronic diseases such as diabetes. The best way is to make your own cereal at home.

Portland Blend

Similar to the oat, because part of the clue is a dense mixture of small portions. Nuts help most calories, but they are not the cause of the blame that unhealthy ones are the real culprit. Although the number of calories is important, it is useful to consider what part of these calories are actually nutrient-rich. Nuts provide protein, but sugar and salt do not paint. Additives such as chocolate or banana slices are another form of addition of sugar and fat.


Fat free food

From skim milk to fat-free salad dressings, we have so many choices when it comes to low fat content in the ingredients table. It may feel that the two evils take its light to buy low-fat snacks, but you really contract and add an extra dose of evil to your sugar and other additives.

why? Fat is the taste, so take it away from the vacuum that needs to be filled. The downside to this is that your body has not been found in the original project to malfunction more artificial additives. Instead of being scared of consuming fat stuff, learn where to get good fats.

Vegan- and gluten-free stuff

Vegetable foods can be an important source of nutrition, however, some companies market their products as vegetarian or gluten-free to attract consumers who do not know what the label is intended to warrant.

Vegetarian products can omit the common sources of fat such as eggs and animal products of milk, but this does not mean that vegetarian items are free of guilt. Normally, they are added in the sugar, and if you eat more sugar than your body needs, it can become stored fat. In the case of gluten-free products, there is a low scientific incentive to cut the gluten if you are not allergic to gluten. Of course you will avoid the common source of carbohydrates, while gluten has its benefits just like lowering triglycerides levels. Avoid gluten without having to be allergic to gluten like drinking milk Lactaid if you are not lactose intolerant.


They are known to include proboscis, which are healthy intestinal bacteria. The problem of their IT efficiency cannot be guaranteed, because what the manufacturer of the proboscis decision will be different. As long as something is considered safe to eat, the product can be sold for consumption. With that said, whether you buy organic Greek yogurt or not, there are added to the benefits of yogurt like syrup or oatmeal so that the benefits are questionable. It is best to add your own sweets, including fresh fruit, rather than relying on food companies to do for you.


Before creating alternative energy sources for sugar bandwagons, honey is one of the preferred sweeteners. Today, it still retains consumer preferences despite the popularity of agave nectar and Stevie. Honey is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, but when it comes to ingestion, this is not necessarily the case. Honey is a bit more complex than other forms of sweeteners, such as the chemical nature of sucrose, but it is undeniable that it is still sugar in the end. There is no relief that can lead to a significant increase in blood glucose levels and lead to hyperglycemia.

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