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Amazing Health Benefits of Beans and Unexpected Risks

Health benefit: Beans can prevent heart disease

Studies have shown that people who eat more vegetables have a lower risk of heart disease and phytochemicals found in grains could be partially appreciated, as they protect against it.

Health Benefit: Beans can fight against cancer

Beans contain a wide range of plant chemicals to fight cancer, specifically, isoflavones and phytosterols that are associated with a lower risk of cancer.

Health Benefit: Beans can lower cholesterol

Beans provide the body of soluble fiber, which plays an important role in controlling cholesterol levels in blood. Studies indicate that about 10 grams of soluble fiber a day, the amount of 1/2 to 1 1/2 cups white beans lowers LDL-cholesterol by 10 percent. Beans also contain saponins and phytosterols, which help lower cholesterol.

Health Benefit: Beans do not make you fat

A portion of the grains will help you feel full faster, because the rich fiber content fills the stomach and causes a slower rise in blood sugar. That should prevent hunger longer and give you a steady supply of energy.

Health Benefit: Beans can fight against diabetes

Beans are super food that has diabetes! The balance of complex carbohydrates and protein provides a slow and steady source of glucose instead of the sudden surge that can occur after eating simple carbohydrates.

Health Risk: Beans can cause migraines

Some legumes can trigger migraines or an allergic reaction in some people. If this happens, talk to a doctor and remove the culprit of your diet.

Health Risk: Beans can raise blood pressure

If you are having monoamine oxidase (MAO) to treat depression, avoid beans because they may interact with your medicine and increase blood pressure.

Health Risk: Beans can interfere with vitamin absorption

Some grains, such as soy, contain substances that interfere with the absorption of beta-carotene and vitamins B12 and D. The heat of cooking inactive most of these substances, so the absorption of vitamin more likely. But it's still smart to compensate for the potential loss of vitamin consuming lots of fresh and dark yellow or green vegetables (for beta-carotene) and lean (for vitamin B12) fruits.

Health Risk: Beans can trigger gout

If you suffer from gout, talk to your doctor about your intake of beans. People with gout are often advised to give up dried peas, beans, lentils and other legumes because of their high content of purines. In susceptible people, purines raise uric acid levels and may precipitate an attack of gout.

Health Risk: Beans can make you gassy

While not technically a risk to health, pimples can cause embarrassing flatulence problem, especially dried beans, lentils and peas. Help reduce gas production, changing the water several times during the process of soaking and cooking, and always rinse canned beans. The addition of herbs like lemon balm, fennel and caraway, or the combination of an acidic food cooked with vegetables, could also help prevent flatulence.

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