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8 Health Benefits of Oysters

So here is a list of the top 8 Health Benefits of Oysters:

  1. Enhance immunity:
  2. Heart Health:
  3. Suitable for eyes:
  4. Improve brain function:
  5. Suitable for skin:
  6. Energy Promotion:
  7. Bone Health:
  8. Sexual Health:

Enhance immunity:

These mollusks are packed with solid doses of vitamin E and C. They also contain a variety of other minerals that help our immune system. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of oysters are also protected against free radicals that are released during metabolic processes of these cells.

Heart Health:

Oysters positively affect heart health. They reduce the plaque from binding to the arterial wall and the blood vessels that inhibit its arterial buildup. In addition, high levels of magnesium and potassium in oysters help to lower blood pressure and relax blood vessels. Vitamin E increases the elasticity and strength of the cell membrane.

Suitable for eyes:

A list of the natural sources of zinc at the top of the oyster ensures that the eye pigments are fully produced in the retina. The more zinc, the stronger your vision, due to reduced pigmentation often involves a reduction in visual central vision.

Improve brain function:

Oysters are rich in B12 source, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and iron, both beneficial to brain function. Studies have shown that people with low iron concentration in the brain and zinc deficiency can affect the ability of the memory.

Suitable for skin:

The powerful mineral zinc plays a big role in helping to create and promote collagen repair in the skin. Collagen is key in supporting the structure of the skin and reducing sagging. This also helps to maintain stronger nails and keep the scalp and hair healthy.

Energy Promotion:

Oysters contain a good amount of vitamin B12, which boosts energy and makes us eat a good amount of energy. Recent studies have shown that 15-40% of Americans do not have the optimal level of B12 for optimal health anywhere in the world. Oysters also contain iron, which helps the body oxygen delivery to each unit gives a kind of energy.

Bone Health:

Selenium, copper, iron, zinc, phosphorus and calcium were found in these molluscs that lead to greater bone health and density. In addition, according to a separate article, French biologists have studied the way oysters produce nacreous beads (bead) and believe that the process can be replicated to provide treatment and osteoporosis, prophylactic treatment of arthritis, and certain Skin diseases.

Sexual Health:

Zinc found in oysters is why they are considered an ancient aphrodisiac! Zinc helps the body produce androgen, hormones regulate female and male sexual desire and sexual function is essential. In men, studies have shown that this mineral increases sperm count and motility. In women, zinc can help the ovaries and therefore help in balancing and regulating the combination of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

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