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10 Health Benefits of Okra -"Lady's Finger"

From Ethiopia, okra, also known as the "Lady's Finger", originates from a subtropical, bright green vegetable. Okra with a distinct taste livens up some dishes from the southern okra Indian curry okra. Each pod can reach lengths of 3 to 10 inches, and has a sweet and unique texture depending on how you choose to prepare. The seeds in okra are sometimes ground even roasted and used as a substitute for caffeinated coffee.

Not only okra delicious, but your body and mind is great! Read on and discover the amazing health benefits of okra.

All - fiber

This unique vegetable is very rich in fiber sources and can assist you with digestion. The study notes that a "very high fiber diet reduces cardiovascular risk factors and possibly colon cancer risk factors."

Stable blood glucose levels

Similar to Kiwi, okra is particularly beneficial for those who have trouble managing blood sugar levels. Another study has shown that the effect of okra on the regulation of diabetes, but also help to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood and lipid.

Brain booster

There has been a promising study to reduce the risk of eating related okra with Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases. When you eat this vegetable regularly, it reverses the damage that may be caused by oxidative stress in your brain.


Another surprising use of polysaccharides found in this tubular vegetable is to help regulate metabolic disorders and obesity caused by high-fat diets. The okra components can help accomplish this task by helping to maintain blood glucose levels, body weight, improving glucose tolerance, and overall reduction in poor cholesterol levels.

Heart health

Although this study is ongoing, this study is highly suggestive of the inverse effect of folic acid on the risk of cardiovascular disease. Folic acid present in okra can protect your heart by increasing the production of nitric oxide and attacking harmful superoxide radicals.

Lack of sleepiness

Okra contains polysaccharides, which are healthy long chain carbohydrates, and are used to prolong sperm swimming time in vivo markedly high levels. Polysaccharide also increases the amount of glycogen in the liver, which helps to store energy. Research has also proven that increasing your okra intake has anti-fatigue effects on the body.



The seeds in okra are the most antioxidant and anti-fatigue agents, so do not sing it out! Scientific evidence that the seeds by reducing the level of blood lactate and urea nitrogen damage to create a magical effect. Who knows, okra has such a powerful antioxidant effect!

Folic acid

Each half cup of cooked okra provides 37 micrograms of folic acid, which helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Folic acid, also known as vitamin B-9, is necessary for daily nutrition, as it allows the body to produce new cells and can also prevent the DNA from causing harmful damage to the cancer. Some studies even show that folic acid helps reduce the risk of birth defects in pregnant women and is usually included in prenatal vitamins.

Liver lover

The okra extract has been shown to reduce the damage by certain chemicals that have properties for liver protection. Increasing your okra intake may contribute to lower levels of inflammation and lower risk of liver necrosis due to its high antioxidant properties.

Protein packaging

Just 1.5 grams of protein is provided in half of this delicious vegetable cup of Malvaceae. There are many ways to prepare this delicious meat substitute for those who choose to follow vegetarianism, and here is a delicious way to prepare the okra curry to be vegetarian friendly.

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