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Your Career Choices based on the Ideas of others

Just a few years ago, I tried to decide whether to keep my safe, predictable and somewhat monotonous full-time job, or intend to pursue a freelance writer's career.

I have talked about it many times before. However, the summary: This is not an easy choice for me. In fact, it was my walk back and forth for a few months and finally gathered my courage and put my two-week notice.

If you are like me, when you weigh the pros and cons of two very different choices, you will feel overwhelming impulses, talking about everything to death. I am one of those people who need to express my thoughts in order to fully deal with them, and I believe you can imagine that this means that almost everyone I talk about is my big, upcoming career decision.

It does not matter if you are my nearest and dearest friend or my cashier at the target. You will hear the broken and changing life leap I am debating.

What has this produced (apart from the many perplexed gaze of the unconscious cashier)? Well, a lot of advice and judgment. Moreover, to tell the truth, many are not very good.

"I do not know if I can work all day at home.I'll be crazy!" One of my college friends said she was so structured that her morning routine time was up to minutes. "Well, just having a steady salary and a predictable workload is enough to make me sick," says the other.

Of course, their concern is entirely justified. However, it makes me wonder: they pointed out that the most commendable part is actually the most I look forward to two works. Constantly pursuing new projects and opportunities to wear all my pajamas? This is one of my dreams, but it is clearly their nightmare.

Yes, sharing my potential plans with different people taught me some important things (except that people are usually more willing to provide criticism than the fact of praise): Absolutely everyone has a completely different idea of what makes it An awesome career. As a result, you need to take all the others' advice with serious salt.

We're all wrapped up in what we want, and it's almost impossible to imagine anyone wanting anything different. But it happens - especially when it comes to career. We are all unique.

For example, my husband goes into his office every day to stare at the spreadsheet and run a complex set of equations. to me? Well, it sounds like my own personalized hell. But to him? This is his dream job - I mean completely serious. He liked it.

That's right - no one fits all the perfect careers. And, in anticipation, we all give our own hopes, desires, dreams and opinions, colors we give advice and guidance to others.

Maybe someone tells you that you should not chase the promotion because it only means working longer - who wants it? Maybe a loved one encourages you to look for a job closer to home, because there is no way she can imagine moving so far. Or perhaps a well-intentioned cashier gives you a judgment on the look and said, "Hey, mad lady, you really should not take your full-time performance safe for granted."

Whatever your suggestions on the receiving end, it is important to remember that these people undoubtedly have a pure intention to share their proposals, but their guidance will always lead to personal prejudices. They see through their shots your life and your career. What about you? Well, you may have a completely different pair of glasses. You can not just judge your career based on the ideals of others.

So, while it is absolutely advisable to listen to, or even seriously consider, the ideas and opinions of others, do not make them a decisive factor in your choice. Finally, everyone has different career goals and a different dream job. And when you find you, you're the only one who really knows the best.

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