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How To Selecting a Career through Astrology

This article attempts to segment the profession according to the signs of birth. Birth / Birth Month / Sun Birth Position / Ascending Master / 10th House Master / 10th Place of Birth Position should be integrated and considered together. The strongest of all these aspects is likely to give results. However, the correct conclusion can only be satisfied when the correct constellation is analyzed from an occupational perspective

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Career most suitable for Aries

The general characteristics of Aries - its element is fire, the ruled planet is Mars, the mass is the base, and always moving. It is the first and fastest of all signs, but not the most noisy. The locals are quiet and work fast. They have the ability of Mars, a planet that cares only about action and physical energy. Aries has so much strength and energy that they tend to burn themselves. Therefore, they should be careful to supplement their resources. Ariens is an entrepreneur, leader and adventurer. They are highly motivated and courageous. Ariens is ideal for being a firefighter, surgeon, mechanic, professional athlete, rescue worker, soldier or security officer. It is a fiery and moveable sign, and represents the need for business, vitality and energy careers. Both local and strong Aries will be outstanding in any occupation they may be. They may be closely related to the government and vulnerable to criticism. They do well in the military, police, security services, scientists, engineers, dentists, surgeons, mechanics, metals, minerals, technicians, wrestlers, brick kiln workers and so on. They made a lot of wealth through continuous efforts. Strong sun or moon or Mars to the local people in the implementation of the success. There is strong sunlight in Aries, and one may do better as a politician, industrialist, timber merchant, educator, surgeon, bone specialist. The powerful moon of Aries gives dignity to wealth that is variable wealth for the independent business people. Powerful Mars makes lawyers, industrial workers, management operations, military or police. A person can have good business in cattle or food cereals. Saturn in Aries Aboriginal success of the metal, engineering type of industry or he may with the central government or higher department. He will shine in the cause, but his income will depend on the combination of other planets. Likewise, we will explain other planets such as Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu. Aries falls in the tenth house to make a great man of the locality, and he will become the manager of the other manor.

Career most suitable for Taurus

Its element is the Earth, ruling planet is Venus, the quality is fixed, its symbol is the bull. Pottery is stable, conservative and sensuous. They like smart clothes, jewelry and comfortable life, and will work in fashion design, jewelry and interior decoration. They were impressed with bigness. Financial institutions or large companies is the preferred place like Tauren. They have artistic skills, often Oxford people become good actors, singers, sculptors, interior decorators or participate in work with the earth in one or other ways. They are earth and practical. It is the second sign of the zodiac that has a fixed earth. Taurus locals are good advertising and publicity agents, throat experts, actors, singers, musicians, and entertainment and entertainment, tailors, gardeners, nurseries, vehicle dealers, cosmetics, jewelry, expensive fabrics, clothing, finances , Brokers, corporate managers, accountants, farmers, gardeners, agronomists or carpets, cement and so on. They also run milk, land, sugar, cotton and similar majors. If the sun is in Taurus, locals will get movies or music or art, and whatever he does, are competent and practical. Taurus moon makes a noble, careful, dignified, slow and steady progress. Mars in Taurus gets from agriculture and moderate wealth. Saturn will help locals in Taurus to make a living from luxury-related goods or transactions. Likewise, we will explain other planets such as mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu.

Career best for Gemini

Its element is air, ruled by planetary mercury, the mass is variable, the symbol is twins. Gemini people in their determination are very unyielding, often considered to be stubborn. They have great strength, endurance, body and mind. As long as the excitement or determination to continue, they can experience great fatigue. They are usually seen as writers, orators, journalists, teachers, secretaries, lawyers or computer programmers, excellent directors and so on. Gemini locals are short-term travel professionals, inspectors, sales agents, auditors or accountants, representatives, diplomats, journalists, journalists, journalists, legal and educational analysts, writers, secretaries, rail and air transport , Mentor, secretary, personal assistant train and trader. They are also well versed in logic and mathematics. Sun Gemini in the engineering, music, art and legal education an excellent income. The Gemini Moon makes a good at intellectually pursuing art, any form of technology, sports, writing, journalism, mathematics, business, trade, banking and income from a variety of sources. Mars scientists in Gemini do well educators, engineers, doctors, technical experts and businessmen. He will be interested in the work of tourism, try to do many works. Saturn will earn local income in Gemini through his intellectual, commercial, commercial or social work. There are other explanations of the remaining planets.

Career l best suited to cancer

Cancer - its element is water, ruling planet is the moon, mass is the heart and the sign is Clabber. Cancariens are subtle and brilliant, but they usually lack the continuity of purpose. They have great psychological strength, enthusiasm, imagination and research. Their minds are constantly changing according to circumstances. They can be good psychologists. They will be influenced by clothes, gait habits and their colleagues, friends and all around them. They must develop willpower and self-confidence in order to be successful in life. They will gather wealth through the use of their imaginations, poets, writers, famous actors, photographers, photographers, directors, lawyers, lecturers, corporate promoters, public speakers or businesses that require diplomacy, wit and fineness. They work in the fields of biology, botany, geography, zoology, fisheries, marine life, merchanting, home decoration, dairy farming, beekeeping, honey, all water or liquid related work, nurses, doctors and hotel management agencies; Catering, shipping, fisheries, navigation, water supply, drainage, archeology, public life and mediation, chemical industry, historians and so on. Cancer The sun has a name and reputation in any field, the moon gives luck, wealth and comfort to life in the rise and fall of cancer. Mars provides work in cancer related to travel, foreign, water, gardening, irrigation, water supply, marine, literary or artistic fields. Saturn connects the natives in the cancer from art, travel, activities linked to water, and so on. There are other explanations of the remaining planets.

The most suitable Leo career

Leo's general characteristics - the fire element is the fire, ruled the planet is the sun, the quality is fixed, the symbol is the lion.

Leo is creative, artistic, colorful, generous, honest and revolutionary. They are the people who can easily accept any job and finish it. At the same time, they are full of contradictions and sometimes uneasy. They will have great executive talent. Once they have phased out something, they will work through it, and what may come. They are good poets, artists, politicians, engineers, chemists, doctors, military individuals, dentists, metallurgists, athletes, astronauts, astronomers, traders or legal experts. Leo strong indigenous people are dynamic, dominant, creative, cruel, self-created people, can not be dominated in the work of authority and power do well. These locals are civil servants, politicians, ministers, chief executives, diplomats, speculators, auditors, investment operations, jewelery and gold, firefighters, theater owners, ambassadors, forest officials, drug or chemical dealers or Makers, film and theater directors, or magicians. If the suffering person becomes one also becomes a crime. The sun in Leo developed a rule. One will be famous, brilliant and rich, no matter what the industry is. Mars in Leo makes an enterprising and courageous political or endeavor and conquers all obstacles or enemies of the profession. Affected Mars in his excessive enthusiasm in the local violation of norms, efforts may be in vain. Saturn in Leo makes local success in government or government-related work. They have success in the later stages of their lives.

The cause of the most suitable Virgo

The general characteristics of Virgo - its element is the Earth, ruled planet mercury, the quality is variable, its symbol is Virginia. Virgo is a natural bureaucracy, but in society, they express their feelings are often shy and lack of confidence. They will do what is impossible to others. They will be glowing in the professionalism of mass communication and will shine in service-related work. Virgo is constantly changing their plans. They want to change everything on a regular basis. They can resist anything that threatens to undermine their expectations and the boundaries of the established order. They became good secretaries. Virginal locals in psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, professors, mathematicians, computers, astrologers, accountants, auditors business and trade, chartered accountants, management graduates, communications or transportation, clerks, stenos, land Owner, television, radio, internet. In some women control, there is a better chance of rising. The Moon in Virgo gives local luck, learning, lecturers, advocacy, doing business, trade, interest in foreign lands, successful life and career. Strong or full moon there is a better effect. Mars makes a more realistic and cool way for a musician or artisan, technocrat or agronomist in Virgo. Saturn makes virgin business-minded business, accounting, business and so on in Virgo. There are other explanations of the remaining planets.

Career most suitable for Libra

The general characteristics of the library is its element is the air, ruled the planet is Venus, the quality is the heart, the symbol is THE SCALES. People born in this period are usually successful in life. They make money through business, for people to bring happiness. They will understand the hearts of others more sophisticated secrets, and act accordingly. They will make people happy, life. Libran's artistic qualities enable them to create beautiful and pleasant surroundings and make them into intimate companies at home and work. They thrive in social groups and become diplomats, bringing enemies together and making them friends. They are loyal to their personal image, have great respect for class and status, and are great supporters of legal and legal decisions. Top 10 Catholics are good management consultants, judges, advocates, judges, logicians, pharmacists, beauticians, fashion designers, fashion models, interior decorators, stewardesses, sculptors, TV artists, cartoonists, movies Artists, perfume or expensive clothing manufacturers, photographers, bar owners, traders in many articles. If the sun is in Libra, a person may be interested in gold, iron, metals and minerals, or work on a trip, or have distant land. But in the government industry, he will face setbacks. The moon in Libra makes a religion full of vitality, bravery and optimism. Occupational designation is legal / management consultancy, film, human resources or film industry, interior decoration, photographers, graphic, perfume, costume manufacturing, flight attendants, liaison officers, receptionists and so on. Mars in Libra to the tourism industry, transport services and luxury goods transactions. There are other explanations of the remaining planets.

Career Best for Scorpios

Scorpio elements of the general characteristics of water, ruled the planet is Mars, the quality is fixed, the symbol is the scorpion. Scorpion instinctively feel what is right, what is wrong. They are constructive evil good and destructive. They will never succumb to the authority of others. They will be good at yoga, meditation, medicine, Bible studies, spiritual studies, scientific research and research. They are usually interested in all the deep, dark or hidden things, covering a range of activities. They may be members of psychologists, therapists, archaeologists, historians, detectives or mysterious religious cults or political groups. It works in the military, naval, police or defense officials, boilers, surgeons, dentists, medications, chemists, water, nurses, judges, geographers, explorers, hairdressers, seafood, mechanics, mariners, Coffins manufacturers, navigators, authorized agents, research scientists, astrologers, theologians, detectives, security personnel, diplomats or railway employees. If Mars is tortured, then a person will be accused of engaging in anti-social or crime-oriented work of the condemned acts.

The Sun in Scorpio makes a well in military, police, secret services, law factories, firefighters, as doctors, drug or narcotics manufacturers. Mars in Scorpio makes a good salesperson, merchant, businessman, property broker, land, factory or property, soldier, army, police, electrician, fireman, surgeon, surgeon, manufacturer or distributor of weapons, weapons, or toxic Drugs or electrical products. Saturn in Scorpio makes a revenge and reactionary. He can do shameless work. There are other explanations of the remaining planets.

Career most suitable for Sagittarius

Its element is fire, ruling planet Jupiter, the quality is variable, the symbol is the shooter. They are noble people, very helpful to others. They are great counselors, indomitable workers, knowledgeable, good at extracting work from others. They can not easily and quickly adapt to changing trends. They will follow the orders of the elders and the recipients. They do well in machinery, chemicals, heritage, public service, administrative jobs, banking, philosophers, diplomats, electronics, computer and commissions, and travel over long distances. They will not be taken away by money or fame. They will be people with good habits and behavior. It also provides a wide range of services to ministers, parliamentarians, pastors, teachers, evangelists, schools, temples, lawyers, judges, explorers, consultants, physicians, civil engineers, officers, patriots, athletes, weapons, animal husbandry, executive bankers, Judges, accounting, astrology, professors, philosophers, writers, publishers, wool traders, shoes or footwear. He can do well in the work of bravery, courage and social activity. Affected Jupiter can make a criminal. The Sun in Sagittarius makes a happy and wealthy scholar or technician use weapons and hands. He may be a teacher fighter, a surgeon, engineer, artist, artisan, machinist or sportsperson. Mars makes a warrior in Sagittarius. Due to his anger and stern speeches, he can damage his health and wealth. Saturn takes careers in the Sagittarians in the indigenous areas of forests, forest engineers, wood, spiritual societies and services. There are other explanations of the remaining planets.

Career most suitable for Capricorn

Its element is the Earth, the ruling planet is Saturn, the quality is the Red Lord, its symbol is the goat. Capricorn is a combination of Saturn and Earth elements: material, practical, serious and prudent. Capricorn is the ideal businessman or businessman, without humanitarian problems that interfere with important money making businesses. They may seem to have the ability to create tangible, tangible benefits, not to mention wealth and prosperity. However, they tend to go extremes in everything, make sudden decisions, or change the minds they may regret, but they are too proud to admit their mistakes. These locals work in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, mining, forestry, metallurgy, minerals, geology, banking, supply and disposal of citizen jobs, dentists, engineers, builders, managers, property and timber-related home industries. They usually succeed in the later stages. The sun in Capricorn makes a greedy, unstable, always in a hurry, requires several works that may be uncontrollable and may face their own human resistance. The moon in Capricorn makes a savvy, diplomatic, famous and wealthy in any profession. He may be a technician, scholar, or musician. Mars in Capricorn makes a famous and wealthy ruler, commander or senior official. Saturn makes occupation locally in Capricorn in travel, work, through food or water, the type of faeces, the agronomist, the gardener, the florist. There are other explanations of the remaining planets.

Career most suitable for aquarium

Its element is the air, ruling planet is Saturn, its quality is fixed, the symbol is the water carrier. Aquarius has a strong psychological force, but they are often misunderstood by others. They are thinkers, have good reasoning ability, and make the work of natural business organizations or any form of government. They are independent and far-sighted in all actions, condemned under the constraints of others. Aquarius is a fixed sign; Aquarius often develop a way of life or a set of attitudes, they think it is impossible to change. They worship intellectual, intelligent people, is a profound thinker. They rarely interfere with other people's affairs, but they will never be disturbed by others. It provides professional expertise as a professor, philosopher, public relations officer, intellectual, researcher, scientist, engineer, astrologer, computer hardware expert, automotive expert, atomic or space expert, aircraft mechanics, electrician, metalworker, Ferries, products. If the sun is in Aquarius, one is malice and skill, but does not like people, due to change loyalty and infidelity. Mars makes an evil and unfortunate in Aquarius, and leads from a position or a significant loss due to his misunderstanding. Saturn in Aquarius makes an expert in secret knowledge, psychology, administration, etc. They become good teachers or mentors, intellectual workers. There are other explanations of the remaining planets.

Career most suitable for Pisces

Its element is water, ruling planet Jupiter, its mass is variable, the symbol is two fish. Pisces is emotional, sensitive, impressionable and fragile. They are imaginative, poetic and even spiritual. They are lovers of beauty and nature. They may also be too soft, too compassionate, to unreasonable demands and unreasonable demands. Obedience and diplomacy, they usually do not have to face the showdown. They enjoy medical care, such as nursing, social work and physical therapy. They are great biologists, artists, interior decorators, graphic designers, fashion designers, musicians, psychologists, astrologers, academicians, philosophers, media people, journalists, travel writers, directors, artists or beauty. It provides doctors, anesthetists, nurses, water works, shipping, fisheries, seafood, navy, international trade, work through wives, pastors, courts, lawyers, places of detention, secret services in orphanages, nursing home workers, Prison, petrol, oil, chemicals, paint and perfume dealers, teaching work, need to imagine the work, such as cinema, film script writing, writing and so on. Success outweighs rivals and water-related career gains. The moon in Pisces makes a technician, engineer, fighter, musician, navigator or government ser

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